Tomorrow, the 1st of May, is Labor Day and thousands of Zagrebians will be heading to Maksimir Park for free food and entertainment.

The event marking the international day of rest has been a tradition in Maksimir for many years. Workers, families and visitors will congregate in the city park to enjoy local music and family entertainment, as well as a free plate of bean stew served by the mayor. In previous years, over 50,000 servings of beans have been given out!

The international holiday is an important reminder of the fight for worker’s rights. The day will commence with a trade union march from Trg Bana Jelacica (Jelacic Square), down Radnik Cesta (Worker’s Road) and to the park. Many participants will wear red carnations as a symbol of worker solidarity.

Picnics are traditional part of Labour Day and other city residents will be taking advantage of the holiday and the warm spring weather to head to Jarun Lake or Medvednica Mountain for some al fresco dining. The temptation to get out of the city and into nature is always very strong in Zagreb.

As tomorrow is a national holiday, don’t forget that many shops and markets will be closed or operating on Sunday working hours.