If you’ve walked by Trg Marsala Tita you cannot have failed to notice the big mustard baroque building in the middle of this square.

HNK Zagreb

HNK, or the National Theatre of Croatia, boasts an impressive program every year that often sells out in advance (so be aware!). As a student you can get an entire season’s pass at a student discount if you prepay.

Recently I found out that Srecko Horvat, a rising star of the local political scene, has helped to create a Theatre of Philosphy to be included in the regular yearly program. Since philosophy and theatre have often been closely intertwined, the idea is to bring renowned philosophers from around the globe to present their versions of theatrical works. Last month was the opening presentation with Philosopher Julia Kristeva. The much awaited presentation of Antigone by Philosopher Slavoj Zizek is due to come out in January. Stay tuned!