Last night I went to a play by Oliver Frljic at Teatar &TD. Along side the MM Centar, the theatre is located in the student centre complex near Savska Cesta. Both act as hubs of the contemporary cultural scene in Zagreb and provide discounted rates for students of the University.

At MM Centar you can even catch FREE screenings of avant-garde films. Teatar TD only has capacity for about 40 people so it was quite an intimate viewing experience (at one point one of the actors grazed my elbow as he retrieved a pack of smokes from a side table).

I had wanted to check out a production by Frljic having heard about some of the controversy surrounding his work. “Mrzim Istinu/I Hate the Truth” – a family drama about the history of violence and the problem of ‘who tells the story’ – was a traumatic, cathartic and intense experience all at once, made all the more so because of the proximity of the actors, and intimacy of the space.

For more information, check out the ITD website (in Croatian only)